The Rabbit logo on the door to the Rabbit office in Redwood City

More than just video chat.
We’re bringing people closer together.

About Rabbit

Rabbit transforms the solo experience of watching TV, movies and videos online into a shared experience for you and your friends.

The Rabbit app creates an online space where you and your friends can watch shows together, even when you're not next to each other in real life. Through the Rabbit app, the show streams synchronously to everyone in that living room, and viewers in that room can share reactions with each other in real time. People in your virtual living room can be in a different neighborhood, country, or even on the other side of the world.

It all started with an idea: to let people share experiences online from wherever they are. We began with an app for Mac in February 2013. Then in August 2014 we launched a web-based version. In February 2015, we were named one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Video by Fast Company. In October 2015, we launched an app for iOS and launched an app for Android in September 2017. But this is only the beginning: we’ve got big plans.

Sounds interesting? Then check out our Careers page—we might have a spot for you.

Our Team

Alexandre Francois is part of the Rabbit engineering team.
Alexandre Francois
I’d rather be in Santa Barbara, CA. (He lives in London!)
Anaïs Suon is part of the Rabbit engineering team.
Anaïs Suon
I'd rather be piloting a giant robot.
Bodgdan Dinulica is part of the Rabbit engineering team.
Bogdan Dinulica
I’d rather be exactly where I am.
Brandon Pinske is part of the Rabbit engineering team.
Brandon Pinske
I’d rather be listening to the rain.
Brenda Harjala is Rabbit's community manager.
Brenda Harjala
I’d rather be on the windy, chilly Coast.
Christine Giovanacci is part of the Rabbit engineering team.
Christine Giovanacci
I'd rather be upside down.
Craig Green is part of the Rabbit operations team.
Craig Green
I'd rather be traveling to far-off lands.
Devan Gregori is part of the Rabbit product team.
Devan Gregori
I'd rather be salsa dancing in Mexico.
Ed D'Azzo-Caisser is part of the Rabbit SRE team.
Ed D'Azzo-Caisser
I'd rather be curled up with some tea and a good book.
Gregory Fischbach is executive chairman and one of the founders of Rabbit.
Gregory Fischbach
Founder & Chairman
James Mitchell is part of the Rabbit engineering team.
James Mitchell
I'd rather be constructing a yurt.
Jared Vu is part of the Rabbit engineering team.
Jared Vu
I'd rather be in my hammock blasting Third Eye Blind.
Jeff Goldschrafe is the operations engineer for Rabbit.
Jeff Goldschrafe
I’d rather be cranking my Peavey 6505.
Jennifer Weber is part of the Rabbit engineering team.
Jennifer Weber
I’d rather be sketching rabbits. Bizarre rabbits.
John Chao is part of the Rabbit strategy team.
John Chao
I'd rather be laughing with friends and family.
Joy Penaranda is part of the Rabbit community team.
Joy Peñaranda
I’d rather be reading a good book.
Nicolas Landoni is part of the Rabbit engineering team.
Nicolás Landoni
I’d rather be sleeping. (Unfortunately my daughter doesn’t want me to.)
Omer Palaz is a part of the Rabbit engineering team.
Omer Palaz
I’d rather be driving on the German autobahn.
Philippe Clavel is CTO and one of the founders of Rabbit.
Philippe Clavel
Founder & CTO
I’d rather be in Hanalei, by the beach, coding while watching the sunset.
Pierre Carion is part of engineering for Rabbit.
Pierre Carion
I’d rather be searching for Pokémon all over the world.

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