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“This is the best thing ever! Now I don’t need to miss my friends so much.”

-- Megan A.

“I can’t thank you guys enough, and I will tell all my friends who are in long distance relationships and who have far away friends how kick-ass your site is.”

-- Mark W.

“10/10, absolutely flawless.”

-- Blox A.

“...by golly it is the best thing if you can’t hang out with friends or are in a long distance relationship, you can still enjoy movies and TV shows and YouTube videos together…”

-- Sarah T.

“...you’ve helped change two thousand miles from an overwhelming physical distance to just another useless number. Your idea is priceless.”

-- Joseph W.

“This is great! Watching tv with long-distance friends is something I’ve always wanted to do but involved a lot of ‘ok press play...NOW’. This is much more convenient.”

-- Christine M.

“Thank you so much for EXISTING! I can now have movie nights with my best friend who is six hours away.”

-- @brit_rodriguez

“Rabbit is the best ever!”

-- Alcheron R.

“This is really cool that I get to communicate with friends worldwide and share content like this. Awesome experience.”

-- Elizabeth K.

“@LetsRabbit You are the future, Rabbit.”

-- @helloneet
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Share anything from the web.

Watch movies, play games, or even karaoke. Together.

The word is out about Rabbit!

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Stay in sync.

From your computer to their phone, you’re experiencing
the exact same thing at the exact same time.

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