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Invite your friends & make new ones

Rabbit connects with Facebook so you can easily invite your friends to video chat and share content with you.

Have a friend already using Rabbit? That means you're in! Download Rabbit now.

Available in the US for Mac OS X (Lion) 10.7 or higher

Video Chat With Killer Features

Rabbit together with friends while sharing Movies, TV, Music, Photos and more.

Hop-in and create your own rooms, or join friends to see what’s up, have a group chat, meet new people, and discover content together.

“Rabbit is a great way to spend time together… There's no need to feel like you're by yourself online anymore.”

Josh Constine, TechCrunch

Watch YouTube, TV & Movies Together

Check it out…with Rabbit you can watch movies, TV, YouTube & videos together online, all while you're chatting in rooms with friends.

Now, you don’t have to leave your house to have an epic chat around your favorite shows.

“With Rabbit, all you have to do is drag a YouTube or Hulu video into a room.”

Dean Takahashi, VentureBeat

Listen to Music Together

Rabbit's advanced audio sharing is AWESOME!

Listen to music together from all your favorite apps and playlists. And discover new songs from your friends' favorite bands and artists.

“Rabbit is a vibrant new gate to the virtual world, and it’ll change your life forever. No, really.”

Eli Milchman, Cult of Mac

Discover A Whole New Way to Hang With Friends

Create a room for just you and your friends. Or, explore rooms, meet new friends and discover cool shared interests.

Move easily from conversation to conversation in each room - just like you would at a party!

“…Rabbit's approach is refreshingly different…”

Kit Eaton, Fast Company

Share Movies, Music & Photos Like Never Before

Share and enjoy any kind of content together with your friends in real-time! From Webisodes, videos, movies and TV shows to music, documents and photos.

“...a comfortable and memorable experience when talking and sharing anything to anyone.”

JJ Casas, Rackspace Blog

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