Meet the team

  • Michael Temkin picture
    Michael Temkin

    Michael is our fearless leader. Physics nerd, Singer, Songwriter, Member of Glimr, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Yahoo!, Excite, Hands-On and Founder of Augniscient. A great visionary who is moving Rabbit forward at warp speed.

  • Gregory Fischbach picture
    Gregory Fischbach

    Greg is one of the "godfathers" of video gaming. You may have heard of some of his games: Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam, Turok, and many more. Greg is helping Rabbit grow into a fun, smart company so you can Rabbit forever. You're awesome, Greg!

  • Philippe Clavel picture
    Philippe Clavel

    Philippe is our tech wizard. He loves to make BIG things happen like the Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures video game. He's the mastermind behind Rabbit's incredible architecture that lets you chat and share content together. We love you, Philippe!

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What people are saying

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    “Rabbit is a vibrant new gate to the virtual world, and it’ll change your life forever. No, really.”
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    ... a great way to spend time together... There’s no need to feel like you’re by yourself online anymore”
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    “... Rabbit’s approach is refreshingly different...”
  • MacRumors logo
    “... a cool and very modern implementation of instant messaging.”
  • Rackspace Blog logo
    “... a comfortable and memorable experience when talking and sharing anything to anyone.”
  • Financial Times logo
    “... a significant advance on anything offered by the major services such as Skype and Google Hangouts.”
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    “With Rabbit, all you have to do is drag a YouTube or Hulu video into a room.”
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